How to Make a Hot Pepper Charm

hot pepper charm

It’s time to spice things up around here a little bit with our latest creation: the Red Pepper Charm.

We think it’s pretty hot, don’t you?

Truthfully, we were experimenting with our Rainbow Loom, trying to come up with a watermelon charm, when our creation suddenly morphed into a hot pepper. Talk about a happy accident! We loved it so much we made one in yellow and green.

hot pepper charm

If you think our hot pepper charm is sizzlin’, go ahead and make your own! We created a video on how to make it here:

How to Make a Ziagonal Bracelet

ziagonal bracelet

We came up with the Ziagonal Rainbow Loom bracelet design this summer while we were at a cottage up north. We loved it so much we made enough bracelets to cover our arms!

ziagonal loom bracelet

This one reminds us of Fruit Loops:

ziagonal rainbow loom

ziagonal rainbow loom

ziagonal rainbow loom bracelet

We finally got around to making a tutorial for the Ziagonal. Learn how to make it here:

How to Make a Mohawk Bracelet

mohawk bracelet

The Mohawk bracelet has one of the coolest names, but why, you ask, is it called a Mohawk?

At first glance it’s not clear.

mohawk bracelet

But then you take a bird’s eye glimpse and it all makes sense:

mohawk bracelet

If you want to make your own Mohawk bracelet, we suggest watching this video.

How to Make a Zig Zag Bracelet

zig zag rainbow loom

The Zig Zag Rainbow Loom bracelet design rocks! If you’ve already make a few of the easy bracelet designs, you will find that this one is not that much more difficult.

zig zag bracelet

Want to learn how to make the Zig Zag design? Check out this video tutorial: