12 thoughts on “How to Make a Topsy Turvy Bracelet

  1. Coolman says:

    Well, I think it was a bit wierd when you told me that you shouldn’t be able to do this when you were halfway throughout the video, but the video was okay. 🙁

  2. Hannah says:

    Love the bracelet, hate the video, I agree with coolman, don’t say those things durring the video, let alone halfway through. Also the camera work was bad. As I said love the bracelet hate the video.

  3. BMO says:

    Come on guys! Maybe be what you should do (the people watching the tutorial) is before you actually make the bracelet, watch the video first. If it seems ok to you, then make it!

  4. Maddy says:

    It’s a super cool bracelet! Mine looks awesome, but the video was a bit hard to follow because the camera kept moving so I couldn’t see what was going on. I’m going to go and try and make up a bracelet now!!

  5. Em says:

    It’s basically geometry dash but with double bands in the middle!! There is a easier way to do that: do both bands at once rather than individually. Good braclet but not so good a video

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