How to Make a Key Chain

rainbow loom key chainLooking for another way to express your adoration for Rainbow Loom? Make a key chain! This one is great for beginners!

key chain rainbow loom

Here is the video tutorial for making a Rainbow Loom Key Chain:

How to Make a Christmas Ugly Sweater

christmas ugly sweater

What would the holidays be without a handmade Christmas ugly sweater?

This ugly sweater is perfect because you don’t have to wear it- unless of course, you attach it to a bracelet.

To make your own Christmas Ugly Sweater, check out Made by Mommy’s tutorial:


How to Make the Bonbon

bonbon bracelet rainbow loom

If you are looking for an easy Rainbow Loom design, try the Bonbon.

We think this bracelet looks great with clear bands separating the colours, but you can use any colour you want.

bonbon bracelet rainbow loom

Here is our tutorial on creating the Bonbon Rainbow Loom bracelet:

Inverted Fishtail (Holiday Style!)

inverted fishtailThe Inverted Fishtail is one of our favourite Rainbow Loom bracelet designs. We decided to make one to go with our Holiday outfits. This color combination works brilliantly for many different bracelet designs – and you can wear it after Christmas too!

inverted fishtail

Want to make our own Inverted Fishtail? Go here.


How to Make the Wise Men

wise men rainbow loom

We’re beginning to think that PG’s Loomacy has magical powers. He’s like the Michelangelo of Rainbow Loom.

PG’s latest masterpiece is the Christmas Nativity scene. We don’t have time to create the entire scene, but we (thanks Aunt Susan!) decided to give the Wise Men a whirl.

We love how they turned out and can’t wait to try more of PG’s designs!

Here is the video tutorial for the Wise Men: