How to Make the Mickey Mouse/Deadmau5

mickey mouse rainbow loom

You can’t see it in the above photo, but when you turn this bracelet vertically you can see Mickey Mouse ears – hence the name.

If you like this design and want to make your own, watch this video tutorial:



23 thoughts on “How to Make the Mickey Mouse/Deadmau5

  1. Kayla says:

    Ugh this video got me frustrated since he did it all in fast mode and didn’t give any instructions or advice.. I’m a newbie at all this here. D= Could you guys maybe redo and make a tutorial video on this pattern yourselfs? =o

  2. Anonymous says:

    LoomLove, do you even lift?

    The first letter in “deadmau5” is not typically capitalized. Also, deadmau5 is not a band, a group of people; he is one person. Lastly, although he is commonly mistaken for a disc jockey, deadmau5 is a hau5 music producer.

      • naFemilbuS says:

        Actually “Anonymous”… if deadmau5 had to be put in a category of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) he would be listed as Progressive Dance. Far from what house music is such as Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vision, DJ Enrie, etc.

    • Honey says:

      Actually i think making a fast m9tion video is great as i would say it is totally awsome idea and as i say my time is not wasting

  3. Kim Cantrell Inabinet says:

    I had trouble following this one too. So I looked it up and he updated the video with a slower version.

    • Susie says:

      Please don’t feel that way. I did also until I kept at it. You will get the hang of it. Go back and repeat looming something you enjoy and are good at when you get frustrated with a bracelet or other project. (I love to make the starburst bracelets with all different color combo’s). It reminds you of how much you enjoy doing this to begin with. Also take your time. No need to rush. I found that when I rush it seems as though everything goes wrong. Most importantly I find that the “right bands” are really important also. Not too loose or tight and the right color combination can make all the difference. Have fun and I hope it works out for you.

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