How to Make a Beachy Keen Bracelet


We think Claire’s Wear’s Beachy Keen design is AWESOME! We are loving the look of it with our Persian bands.

What do you think?

If you want to make your own Beachy Keen bracelet, watch this video:


20 thoughts on “How to Make a Beachy Keen Bracelet

  1. #Loomer01 says:

    Hi Loom Love!!! I love this bracelet!!!!! I was wondering if you could make a video on a bracelet I made up. I already have a video, but it’s not very good. Thanks!!!!

  2. Nora Sixbey says:

    This is not Claire Wears design. It was on youtube by an oriental woman first.
    Holly Boyce-Loughmiller • 2 weeks ago
    Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Tutorial ~ ????? Little Butterfly Bracelet

    It was posted on Pinterest on the page above.

  3. tash says:

    Cool bracelet ! and 1 comment!
    I go on your website almost every day! I love looming cause of you!
    Please reply loom love

  4. Klerelo says:

    I absolutely love it! This design is totally awesome, thanks for sharing it and keep up with the good work on your loom.

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