How to Make a Bee Charm

rainbow loom bee

We recently got back from Arizona, where we learned all about Killer bees. (Don’t mess with the bees in AZ!) We even bought some Killer Bee honey while we were there.

Since we had bees on the brain, we thought we’d give Crafty LadyBug’s Bee Charm a whirl. Not nearly as menacing as the real thing! In fact, it’s pretty cute.

Want to make one? Watch this video:


18 thoughts on “How to Make a Bee Charm

  1. MustacheQueen says:

    Omg i live in AZ and i see this bees ( not as cute as this one ) and they are pretty cool. One got stuck in my hair once. Anyhow, im gonna make this in the morning tomorrow. Im suppose to be asleep. =3

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