How to Make a Buckle Up Bracelet

rainbow loom buckle up

The Buckle Up Bracelet is a cinch to make and perfect for beginners! We used tie dye and white bands to make our bracelet.

The Buckle Up design was created @crazyjstmightwork on Instagram. It is a hook only design.

Want to make one? Watch this tutorial by Loves2Loom:


42 thoughts on “How to Make a Buckle Up Bracelet

  1. Hermione Granger says:

    I like it but no offence Loom Love, but Im kind of getting bored of these easy bracelets. Again, no offeence , just my opinion.

  2. Hannah says:

    I had already made that up. I called it something else and I just had not made a video yet.
    I like your videos and so does my sis.

  3. D says:

    Hi, I love your website and the bracelets you find, but my favourite Is watching the videos by you (loomlove) so I was just wondering if you were working on a new video or… Can’t wait to see your next post!

  4. Chloe says:

    Loom love, I really like this design, but when are you going to do another loom love original? I really wish you would!

  5. Lily says:

    Cute bracelet! It’s not nearly as cute as some of the other latest designs Loom Love has posted, but over all it’s pretty cute! 🙂
    WOW!!! Am I they first one to comment???!!!! 🙂 LOL!!

    • LoomLove says:

      Hi Ginny… We’ve had lots of requests for easy bracelets. There are still lots of newbies joining the RL community. We hope to get to some more advanced projects soon.

      • Taylor Y says:

        Dear Loomlove:
        My mom’s birthday is around the corner and I want to make her a simple something. Any suggestions? Also, please give me a easy tutorial to watch. have hook, loom, and many bands

  6. Ema says:

    Hey, LoomLove I know you guys are very creative, but can you please make better bracelets than this? This bracelet (No offense) is too thin and too easy to make for a beginner. Can you guys make harder ones? Thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    • Taylor Y says:

      No offense, Ema , but I disagree. I tried like one thousand times and could not figure out. Translation: HARD

  7. Taylor Y says:

    to all the people who post videos on this website:

    cant figure out how to do it and when I do, I get frustrated because I fail badly. please put out directions or e-mail. Thanks. ????

  8. casitlyn cameron says:

    i love it sooooo much thank you.
    you make my life sooo much easier then it is already so thank you

  9. Dobby says:


    Plz can you follow me on Instagram, I’m spike_marsden, soon I will be posting some rainbow loom pics!

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