How to Make a Leopard Spot Bracelet

leopard spot rainbow loom

Looking for a new Rainbow Loom bracelet design to tackle? Try Claire’s Wears Leopard Spot Bracelet!

We love how it looks with clear bands on the border.

Want to make your own Leopard Spot Bracelet? Watch this:


27 thoughts on “How to Make a Leopard Spot Bracelet

  1. Lovie crystal says:

    Hi loom love! I really love your website and I love all your bracelets! I just wanted to ask how long it takes to film a video tutorial as a want to start making videos of my own. I would really appreciate it if you answered. Thanks, 🙂

    • Loomin issie says:

      Hey, I record some videos and for me it takes about an hire to film, about an hour to edit and add text to the video, so it takes me about 2 hours to make a video and still I edit it later. But also it might take you more or less time because you could be more or less advanced than me.

  2. Aditi says:

    Omg!! This is really cool.I hope you answer my question which is: I have noticed that you don’t have many charm tutorials on your site.I was wondering if you could add more charms to your site!!! Pls answer and pls think about the suggestion.

      • Elsa says:

        I think it is the electric purple from the Rainbow Loom Webstore. They also have electric blue and they are jellies in the jelly section on their webstore if i’m not mistaken!
        BTW, Tutorialsbya has a review + I just ordered the bands!

  3. Loony4loom says:

    hi loom love can you do a tutorial on the hibicus?

    Oh and i love your web
    i wish i had rainbow loom skills like you……..
    reply back “LOOMLOVERULES”
    to show how much you like loom love

  4. Alison says:

    That bracelet is actually really easy! Leopards are my favourite big cat but not my favourite animal. You can pretty much see how much I adore this bracelet! Keep up with the good work!

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