53 thoughts on “How to Make a Puffy Heart

  1. Millie says:

    Its a really good design but really easy to mess up on! Had a lot of trouble with braking bands and missing others!

  2. Mana says:

    U didn’t explain itroperly and u went too fast it didn’t make sense I need to learn how to explain things properly

    • mdmiss says:

      I know ,The video tutorial went tooooo fast so i had to keep pausing it .

      itsa good invention but is easy to mess up on this tutorial

      i would rather do it on my two looms

  3. Joseline says:

    Aww!! It’s so cute and witty!! 😆
    People’s minds are creative these days, aren’t they 😕 ❓

  4. Amylovesloom!!!! says:

    I think that you should explain it a bit more because I really did not get it I tried 21 times still did not get it!!!! So frustrated!!!!!!

  5. DIY girl says:

    This looks so cool! At some parts I didn’t know if I was doing it right. I also didn’t know if I was joining the half the right way.

  6. DIY girl says:

    I really like this design yesterday mine fell apart so I made a new one or going to make a new one never finished it yet

    • Vikki says:

      The explanations aren’t not great but just watch and concentrate. I paused the video after every instruction so I could do it at my pace xx

  7. Iluvloom says:

    I did not get this at all it was really confusing she used black and this other colour so I was a bit stumped.

  8. Vikki says:

    I managed to do this first time! Very proud of my self. All I would say is take your time, pause video after each instruction as this lady is a pro and makes it look easier to take the bands off than it actually is. But be patient and it will come!! Xx have fun!!

  9. Charlotte says:

    Great idea but I can’t really understand the voice.
    It’s much easier to do a flat one love heart.

  10. India says:

    Loom love is a brillant website and my favourite are these puffy hearts but in the video they go to fast so i had to keep stopping but it was still very good.x

  11. Lunaloomer says:

    I thought the tutorial was easy until i got to the bit where you hook over the bands you dropped i followed it carefully like 5 times but every time it didn’t secure itself! Its annoying because its an amazing design!

  12. Bernice Acosta says:

    I want to do one for my boyfriend I can’t do it because I do not have enough black rubber bands.

  13. Love Looming says:

    This is beautiful! I made a heart that had electric blue glow bands in the center with black for the perimeter. I actually made the same exact one shown in your cover photo!

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