34 thoughts on “How to Make the Weave

  1. Kaylee says:

    So cool!! You said you can make it on one loom-does that mean you have to make an extension? Cause you can make just about every bracelet with one loom and an extension…… Unless the bracelet is fat.

    • Kaylee says:

      THAT’S EXACLY WHAT I SAID TO MY SISTER WHEN I SAW THE PHOTO OF IT!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I thought I was just imagining it, but guess not!! Anyway, I love Double X, (like a ton!) so I’m totally gonna make this!!! You should change the name to Double X with a Twist or The 2X Line Bracelet (bc of the border) Or just keep it as the Weave, bc you do weave it a lot! 😀

  2. Grace says:

    For the bluish purplish bracelet, what colors did you use? Is that jelly? And what’s the border?

    ~Grace AKA GB Shakespeare~

  3. Mary says:

    Actually when I seen this Website, I said ‘ Whooooaaaaahhhhh! ‘ everthing was so cool but really tho i’m glad to who ever created or made this loom braclet website which is called Loomlove.com 🙂

  4. Allyz says:

    i TOTALLY TOTS TOTS love this design Loomlove! But at the end when you pull them off some of my border bands took off and my effort was kind of worthless how do u even pull this off? i had 2 take my whole bracelet and make it again but im 2 lazy!

  5. hi says:

    I’m so sad! I don’t have rainbow loom so I cant change it to be parallel! but I’ll try it with the normal setup

  6. Sammy! says:

    Love this bracelet! I have a cra z loom so I couldn’t change the rows but I still made it with cra z loom ????????????????

  7. Emilyxx says:

    Another amazing bracelet! Thanks, loomlove.com, for another great tutorial 🙂

    You guys are the best. xx

  8. molly says:

    wow wow wow!! this design is awesome! i accidently clicked on it when i was doing the atomic weave and it was trhe best mistake ever! i made mine using the colour combo you had in the picture (the one with the red border) and i’m planing on doing a rainbow one with a black border! 😀 LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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