How to Make the Cube

The Cube Triple Single

We have our Aunt Susan to thank for this awesome pattern that we call The Cube.

It’s actually a Triple Single design with the bands laid out to create a cube pattern.

We recommend using clear bands between the colors. You can purchase clear bands here.

the cube rainbow loom

We made a tutorial for the Cube, using two looms. You can use one loom, but you will need to add an extension. Here is the video:


How to Make the Times Square Bracelet

times square bracelet

What happens when your amazingly creative Auntie comes for a visit? You introduce her to Rainbow Loom! And what happens next? She uses her creative super powers to come up with her own designs!

Although we’d love to take credit for this fab bracelet, it’s our Aunt Susan that came up with the Times Square design. We hope this is the first of many!

You can purchase clear bands to make this bracelet here.

times square

We made a video to help you create your own Times Square bracelet. Enjoy!