Halloween Rainbow Loom Charms

halloween charm

Want to learn how to make this adorable Jack O’ Lantern charm? We used Made by Mommy’s Smiley Face Charm tutorial to make it. Here it is:

And to make the ‘charming’ wee pumpkin on the right in the photo below we used Made by Mommy’s Basic Pumpkin charm tutorial:

candy corn charm

To make the Candy Corn charm we used Made by Mommy’s Candy Corn Charm tutorial.

candy corn charm



24 thoughts on “Halloween Rainbow Loom Charms

  1. Becky B says:

    Just made a Jack O’ Lantern . That was NOT easy. I love rainbow loomin’ with my stepdaughter and your site gives me the ability to learn new things so I can impress her. Thanks for finding these clear tutorials.

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      • syann says:

        can you put more tortoials on making loom band charms on a hook no loom please any one agree with it because i don’t know verry many totorial loom band charms on loom i’m not verry good at using the loom mayby can you try and help me a little bit to work my way around these loom charm please

  3. Emma says:

    The ghost charm is SO EASY!!! I made 5 on my Philly overnight for my friends, and they’re REALLY fun. 🙂

  4. Caroline says:

    Do you know how to make any Christmas charms? I was thinking about making some bracelets with Christmas colors and I was wondering if there were any charms I could add.

  5. crazi51 says:

    I agree with caroline you guys should add some cristmas charms like christmas trees snowflakes snowmen stars gingerbread men and more! Other than that this website is awesome! I love how you add new things everyday!!!

  6. Jaycie says:

    Thanks to made by mommy, I learned how to make a pencil, and I showed my friends now everyone is asking for a pencil??????????????????????????????????;):)<3^_^;-):-)

  7. Raquel Werner says:

    Want more please! We did the candy corn 3d ghosts pumpkins all of them my daughter and I want more lol

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