Inverted Fishtail (Holiday Style!)

inverted fishtailThe Inverted Fishtail is one of our favourite Rainbow Loom bracelet designs. We decided to make one to go with our Holiday outfits. This color combination works brilliantly for many different bracelet designs – and you can wear it after Christmas too!

inverted fishtail

Want to make our own Inverted Fishtail? Go here.



10 thoughts on “Inverted Fishtail (Holiday Style!)

  1. GB Shakespeare says:

    Looks good! I love using colors of my local sports team. It looks great and shows off team spirit! Now all they need to do is make it to the SuperBowl…

  2. jenn says:

    i could make origami bracelets and all that stuff but when i found this website i learned how to make much cooler things like twisty windows

    keep on looming
    jenn- uian

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