How to Make a Flower Burst

rainbow loom flower burstWe’ve been waiting for the perfect time to use our package of colored metallic bands (you can buy them here) that we got for Christmas (ya, that long ago!!)

We decided to try them out on Justin’s Toys’ Flower Burst Bracelet.

flower rainbow loom bracelet

What do you think?

If you would like to make a Flower Burst bracelet, watch this:


30 thoughts on “How to Make a Flower Burst

  1. Sally says:

    Do you know how to keep bands from snapping in a bracelet? There’s a bracelet I wear everyday, but today half of the bands snapped, one after the other.

    • SophieClaireLuv says:

      With RL brand bands I don’t really have any problems, but with other brands they do snap for me sometimes:/

      • Tina says:

        If you have brand new rainbow loom bands that you have never used before and you be really careful, then the bands won’t snap.

    • Lisa Williams says:

      I broke my hook too! I bought a metal crochet hook the next day but it is not working as well as the plastic one that came with my loom… the bands keep slipping off as I try to move them from peg to peg. I am also having trouble with bands breaking after I have already done a lot of work. I love the look of this bracelet, but if I can’t get it to work soon, I am moving on to a different one

  2. jasmine holden says:

    loving it

    • random person says:

      same with me , it turned out much smaller than I expected to be. maybe the bands are just too tight. I finally finished making this for 2 and 1/2 hours . hard . but worth the effort !

  3. Vida says:

    This is realllly challenging it tested my patience indeed! Bands kept on snapping 🙁 but was able to do it after a hundred tries 🙂 and its just so pretty . I suggest you use original RL bands and pegs to keep bands from snapping trust me.

  4. ctina says:

    My first try I broke too many bands and I was annoyed I thought I can do thi$ a different way n get the same look of bracelet. Instead on my second modification I decided not cap any bands I just used double bands n it came out great broke about three bands I think those were the bands I accendentally reused from my first modification. Love the bracelet n didnt take long

  5. ctina says:

    Also the flowers are slightly bigger so it looks more the pic which ya dont realize how small they are going to be at first try.

  6. Faye says:

    Omg you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve watched this video and how many times I have failed!!!???????????????? . Every time I try and do it it either it snaps or it just blows up! Getting so angry and the weird thing is that I’m amazing at starburst but rubbish at flower burst. Urgggg????

  7. passing by says:

    I made this a few weeks ago, but after several days, it broke. I just made this again I thought it was so pretty and I DIDNT SNAP BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WAS VERY SURPRISED ,:) :):) :):) :):) 🙂 YAYYYYYY!

  8. Freyja says:

    I love the bracelet and I think it’s one off the easiest to make I don’t understand why you guys find it so hard to make. If you are an advanced loomer and you use a proper hook, not the one that is used in this video nut the iron one, and u use only the bands of the rainbow loom brand they won’t snap nothing, it’s only the cheap loom bands from minor quality that gives problems, I just don’t use them anymore. Anyway love the bracelet! Thx 4 the tutorial

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