25 thoughts on “How to Make a Space Station Bracelet

  1. Ginny Weasley says:

    This looks similar to the trapped warrior bracelet . . . happy bonfire night, everyone! I don’t think we’ve actually got our fireworks yet, though . . . 0_0
    I was just wondering, does anybody in the loomlove family like netball? I’ve just come home from netball club, and I scored a goal! That’s like, unheard of, for me . . .

  2. Rebecca says:

    Really cool bracelet.
    I didn’t quite get why it’s called the space station though…
    But still love the bracelet!

  3. Romalia says:

    Wow this bracelet is totally cool! Loomlove, you both shall make more rainbow loom bracelet videos! C:

  4. Guy Bird says:

    You know, some of the names you give the bracelets are a little confusing, but this one makes no sense to me. Why’d you name it the “Space Station?”

    • Catie says:

      I’ve been looking for one too. I found a flat one done by someone on youtube but I want a 3D one and I’m clueless at designing things.

  5. Thalia Grace says:

    Cool! I made one with silicone metallic blue, rounded gold and purple electric gold, it turned out epic!

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