Monster Tail

The Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom Kit is a craft kit comprised of latex-free rubber bands, a loom and a hook. Perfect for traveling!!
Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom:

  • Monster Tail loom
  • Hook and mini loom
  • 600 latex-free rubber bands
  • 25 large “C” clips

12 thoughts on “Monster Tail

    • lauren says:

      it depends on which bracelet you make, but most smaller bracelets can be made with the smaller c clip

  1. tamara says:

    Hey guys do you love making stuff out of loom bands well I have some with me and I know how to make every thing and they are on my rist

  2. Flossie says:

    I love the monster tail I’ve just got it today and I want to be a pro just like I am with the orgininal rainbow loom

  3. Jess Mok says:

    I Love this box and this loom .(monster tail)
    It was so amazing !And the loom was so small .I wanted to make more bracelets and charms. But I don’t have more rubber bands

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