How to Make an Owl


If you use the right colours this Rainbow Loom owl looks amazing! We did not use the right colours!:) We should have used white bands instead of silver, and grey instead of maroon.

This is what it should look like: (Owl pictured is by Erin Wright.)

rainbow loom owl

To tell you the truth, this is one of the most difficult RL projects we have ever attempted. That is, aside from the Rainbow Loom iPhone case.

The video tutorial for this owl started out great, but it went downhill as it progressed and became very, very difficult to follow. We do not recommend this tutorial unless you are extremely skilled at RL!

We hope that RainbowLoomCreation makes a new and improved video, because it is such a neat project!

Here is Part One:

Here is Part Two:

Here is Part Three:


How to Make an Octopus

octopus rainbow loomWe were just playing around one day with our Rainbow Loom when Mr. Octopus showed up! We loved him so much that we decided to make a Mrs. Octopus.

This is a time-consuming project – and it’s not recommended for beginners. If you have a few charms and action figures under your belt and you know how to make a slip knot, then you’re ready for the challenge.

Two looms are required to make this project.

octopus rainbow loom

If you would like to make your own Octopus, watch our video tutorial:


Rainbow Loom Cat

cat rainbow loom

This is Chloe. Can you spot her in our stop motion Rainbow Loom video? Chloe is a 15 year-old mouser extraordinaire! Her nickname is motor mouth because her purr in the middle of the night is loud enough to awaken the dead.

She loves butter, ice cream, chicken, and, of course, fish. She wishes that RL Fishtails were edible.

20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom Bracelets

20 Beautiful Rainbow Loom BraceletsHere at, we have made more than 100 different Rainbow Loom bracelet designs. This has helped us to discover some of the most beautiful patterns.

Here are 20 of our favourite Rainbow Loom designs. All of the photos link to the tutorial page:

The Arrow Stitch
arrow stitch rainbow loom

The Small Basket Weave

small basket weave

The Kaleidoscope


The Double Cross

double cross rainbow loom

The Inverted Fishtail

inverted fishtailFlower Power

flower power


tuliptopia rainbow loom textDouble Braid

double braid rainbow loom


ziagonal rainbow loom


reverso rainbow loom

The Cube

the cube triple single

The Warrior

warrior rainbow loom




criss cross braceletDouble-Starburst

double starburst rainbow loom


nautique rainbow loom

Triple Link Chain

triple link chain


firecracker rainbow loom

Bow Tie Stitch

bowtie stitch


pizzazz rainbow loom


How to Make the Illusion Bracelet

Illusion Rainbow Loom Bracelet

The Illusion Rainbow Loom bracelet is a twist on another one of our Aunt Susan’s designs (we’ll be posting her original design soon!)

We call it the Illusion bracelet because the bands in the centre (we used our glitter bands) look like beads. You can purchase the glitter bands here.

If you can make a Fishtail bracelet, you won’t have any trouble with this design. In fact, we think it’s a perfect bracelet for beginners!

illusion bracelet Want to make your own Illusion bracelet? Watch this video:


How to Make the Pom Pom Bracelet

pom pom rainbow loom braceletExcuse us for our current obsession with polka dot bands! We just had to use them in our Aunt Susan’s Pom Pom Rainbow Loom Bracelet design.

This design is quirky, fun and easy peasy! If you have mastered the Single, you can do this!

pom pom rainbow loom bracelet

Want to give the Pom Pom bracelet a try? Watch our video:

Rainbow Loom iPhone Case

iphone rainbow loom goodWe love the idea of making a Rainbow Loom iPhone case, so we hunted down a tutorial by CraftLife.

Unfortunately, we found the tutorial very difficult to follow. The first time we attempted the case it fell apart when we took it off the loom.

We put several more hours into our second attempt, and thankfully our aunt came to the rescue and figured out how to finish it without having it fall apart.

We have since learned that CraftLife has created a revised video for making the iPhone case. We look forward to trying it out, hoping that it is easier to follow.

rainbow loom iphone