How to Make an Easter Basket

rainbow loom easter basketWith so many bracelets and charms under our belts, we felt we were ready for a challenge.

We love the idea of a Rainbow Loom project that involves candy and chocolate – so we decided that Craft Life’s Easter Basket would be the perfect project to take on. (We knew our mom would have to fill it with chocolate for the photo shoot – and we would reap the rewards!)

rainbow loom easter basket

We lost track of how many bands we used – and how many hours. Let’s just say it took us several days to complete it.

easter basket rainbow loom

There’s Emily, looming away!

easter basket rainbow loom

About half way into the project, our loom caved under the pressure and actually came apart. Luckily, our smart-as-a-whip dad came to our rescue. So did Martha Stewart!

easter basket rainbow loom

If you are going to attempt this project, it is super helpful to have an extra loom on hand so you can make the base more secure as pictured above. Also, a few large books under the base makes it less flimsy.

This project was the most difficult one to date! Do not attempt it unless you have spent oodles of hours on your loom – or you are adept at crocheting.

One more tip:  Use glow in the dark bands, instead of plain white ones.

glow in the dark rainbow loom easter basket

Go here to watch Craft Life’s tutorial on making a Rainbow Loom Easter Basket.

How to Make the Triple Fishtail

triple fishtailAs with most loomers, the Fishtail was one of the first bracelets we learned to make – and it still holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a simple, great looking design.

The Triple Fishtail, by TutorialsbyA, is quite a bit more complicated and time-consuming – but it is a beauty and definitely worth the effort!

Want to make your own? Watch this tutorial by TutorialsbyA.

How to Make a Bee Charm

rainbow loom bee

We recently got back from Arizona, where we learned all about Killer bees. (Don’t mess with the bees in AZ!) We even bought some Killer Bee honey while we were there.

Since we had bees on the brain, we thought we’d give Crafty LadyBug’s Bee Charm a whirl. Not nearly as menacing as the real thing! In fact, it’s pretty cute.

Want to make one? Watch this video: