25 thoughts on “How to Make a Rock Candy Ring

  1. zoe from magor school y5 says:

    Hi I’m from magor CIW primary school
    And I love loom bands and singing so I made a song called candy rock so cool yeah

  2. Hermione Granger says:

    Very cute design! I like this better than your Rock Candy bracelet, as the ring just looks even cuter, but your Rock Candy bracelet is also great!
    And a thing that I love about your bracelet and the ring, is that they both look SO realistic!

    Hermione Granger

    P.S Your website is amazing!
    P.P.S Could you please post the Blaster Cannon, Cocoon, Name bracelet…..

  3. Emily Li says:

    Hello Loomlove sorry didn’t make comments last month. Can I ask a question can you please make a sharkout of loom bands then I’ll visit you then I can tryto make it. I need 2 know how ro make because I want to sell them so if yes just tell me

    • Hermione Granger says:

      PG’s Loomacy has a brilliant shark action figure on YouTube, you could make some of those 🙂

  4. Gia Kelley says:

    I love the ring but not the bracelet. The bracelet looks weird. Not trying to be mean. I love this ring I made one for every finger in different color’s.

    • Hermione Granger says:

      You’re not being mean, this is just a matter of opinion: whether you like it or not.

  5. GirlwhoLoves2Loom says:

    Hi Loom Love!I really love this ring!However,I attempted for four times and every time,they fall apart!What can I do?

  6. Hanayo says:

    1st comment yay! I just love how you make these bracelets and rings! I made 2 for me and my sis, and it turned out GREAT! Keep it up and I’m supporting you girls! By the way, how can you think of these ideas? I really idolize you.

  7. Tina says:

    This ring is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Great job, loomlove! I used jelly purple and clear, and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Claire Shi says:

    This is REALLY cool!!! I recommend using sparkly rubber bands instead of clear because it gives more of a “realistic” look.

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