Loom Love’s Rainbow Loom Band Collection

rubber band collection

We’ve had lots of requests from our fans to show everyone our rubber band collection and how we store our Rainbow Loom Bands. So today, we’re going behind the scenes to show you just that!

loom case web

What do we use to store our Rainbow Loom bands? We use stackable plastic organizers made by Stanley that we purchased at our local Home Depot. You can also get them here. The instant we set eyes on it we knew it was perfect for our loom band collection. The sections are dividable and deep with lots of room for bands. Another awesome feature is that you can stack the cases on top of one another and lock them into place. At $12 CAD for a two cases, you can’t beat the price! We highly recommend this case for avid loomers!

When it comes to sorting our bands, we prefer to organize them by color. We have a A LOT of rubber bands, and things can get out of hand pretty fast, so we try to make sure we always put our bands in their proper spots when we are done with them.The fact that we have a kitten who loves to get into mischief (rubber bands and animals are not a good mix!), motivates us to keep the bands contained.

Here is the Loom Love Rainbow Loom Band Collection: (Our Persian Bands and Pastels aren’t pictured. We need to buy another case!)

Shades of Purple and Blue Rainbow Loom Bands

blue rainbow loom bands

Shades of Green and Yellow Rainbow Loom Bands

yellow bands rainbow loom

Shades of Red and Orange and Pink Rainbow Loom Bands

red rainbow loom bands

Polka Dot Bands and Tie Dye Rainbow Loom Bands

rainbow loom tie dye bands

Rainbow Loom Metallics, Browns and Neutrals

metallic rainbow loom bands

And there you have it – Loom Love’s band collection! What do you use to store your bands?



75 thoughts on “Loom Love’s Rainbow Loom Band Collection

  1. Grace says:

    Hi LoomLove! I’m just curious, where do you store your Persian bands that you have been using in your newer bracelets?

  2. Joker says:

    Omg you guys are SOO neat! I just keep mine i random spots in the house!!!!! Where do you keep your bubble bands??

  3. jenny says:

    I had a look at the Persian/Egyptian bands on the rainbowloom website. I really really love the Egyptian blue ones with gold flecks. They inspired me for a colour combination of dark blue, light blue (normal bands) and gold (orange or yellow) gel bands. Try it out see what you think!

  4. Terri Lewis says:

    I keep my bands in cases like those but mine are organized by brand. I don’t like mixing rainbow loom brand bands with…say rainbow braid bands. I like to know what bands I’m using and where I got them.

    • LoomLove says:

      No, we don’t Megan. We have purchased some through the Rainbow Loom site, but we’ve also purchased bands on Amazon. Our local Michael’s, Chapters, Mastermind Toys and Showcase are also places that we buy bands.

  5. Lillie says:

    That’s so cool loomlove! I have a big rainbowloom case a little bigger than one of those that I found at hobby lobby and I really like it! I just ordered a bunch of Persian and Egyptian bands. Thank you for all you guys do! I really like y’alls bands and cases!:)????

  6. Meleficent says:

    Hi loom love. I love your site and your new crafts. I have my rubber bands and my hooks in this case by the company ” Renegade”. I can’t wait to see who wins the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Meleficent

  7. #Loomer01 says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! You guys have the same band cases as I do, (my brother got them for Legos but never used them, so now me, my sister and brother use them.) πŸ™‚ You have A TON of bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. r loom fanatic says:

    i hate to say it, but my r loom craze is kind of depleting. any body want some bands? i guess i stopped when i used up my good bands.sigh…

  9. r loom fanatic says:

    i have: sparkly,glow in the dark, neon,and jell…anybody have a new project idea? i think loomlove is working on it , so yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    I use these containers I get from the dollarstore. I never would have thought home depot had containers like that. They seem to be more spacious than the ones from Michael’s. You ladies have a great setup πŸ™‚

  11. Jaden says:

    Do you know any places where you can get BROWN loom bands, here in the UK. The rainbow loom website sells them in dollars so I can’t really buy them from there. And not from Ebay or Amazon either.
    Would appreciate it if you replied.

  12. Natasha says:

    Hi Loom Love,
    I wonder whether the rubberbands listed on your website are latex free? Have u tried them? If yes, are they of good quality?


  13. Aimee says:

    Hi Loom Love,
    I use the ziplock small containers because I have a little guy who likes to dump my bands out. If I used containers like that I would spend all of my looming time trying to sort my colors again lol.

  14. NorieneAiene_AFilipinoLoomer says:

    You don’t have yet these kind of bands?
    Glow in The Dark
    Electric Glow
    Theme Bands
    Mixed Skin Tones
    Cotton Candy
    Hope you buy more bands and cases and please show it to us!

  15. Tamsin says:

    I love your storage system! (If only mine were that neat…)

    I use this plastic lunch box from Tupperware that my Mum got in a mystery draw at a party.

    I keep my hot colours in a Zip-loc bag and my cool colours in another. I keep all my fancy bands in tiny Zip-loc bags in there as well. I keep my loom in there. I also keep my clasps and UV Colour Changing Beads in an old paperclip box.

    I also keep the bracelets I have already made in the box that my watch came in.


  16. Azalea says:

    Since you use bands from different sources, do you see differences in quality? I experienced some non-original bands that got brittle and snapped so I only use original Rainbow Loom bands since. Would like to know which other kind are reliable.

  17. Jenny says:

    You guys have so many loom bands! I wish I had that many. I don’t have many Rainbow Loom bands. I always use them and my dad doesn’t let me get it from the webstore because we don’t live in the USA.

  18. Josie says:

    Dear loomlove, I love you site and vist daily I was wondering, Can you only get bubble bands in Canada? I haven’t seen any in the USA. I want some so bad!!!! and I have only seen them on ebay.com in the USA. Other wise I haven’t seen them. Also I find the bands that work the best are a off brand band. Called loom bands you can find them at hobby lobby. I have had the rainbow loom bands and fun loom bands too. But they do not work as well.

    • Lola says:

      You can get the glow bands and the jelly bands at any art store, but I have no Idea where you get bubble bands.

  19. Lola says:

    Where do you get most of your bands? All of my friends have tye dye and polka dot bands, and I’ve always wondered where they get them. I get my bands from Michaels and the Learning Express. I only buy rainbow loom brand. My cases include a green one, a clear one my dad used to use for fishing stuff, and a pink one. My colors are: hot pink, neon blue, neon yellow, light green, teal, turquoise, purple, white, black, red, sparklys, fuchsia, melon, lettuce green, dark green. Jelly colors are ocean blue, orange, red, red violet and yellow. But my bands are all mixed up because I dropped them. Oops.

  20. Halleg10 says:

    Hey loom love! I am on this website everyday and have been doing rainbow loom for almost 6 years now. I am running out of rainbow loom bands but I am hoping to get unique rubber be
    And colors for Christmas.????I will always be happy to give you ideas for rainbow loom designs and crafts. I am a really crafty girl. You should see my room. Pictures, crafts rainbow loom bands everywhere!!

  21. charlotte says:

    @Puii says:
    Ummmm…… Does anyone know where u get the bubble bands from, like in Delhi.

    i dont know i bought mine from the factory shop and eBay try them

  22. Lois says:

    Hi loom love,Lois here….can I ask u one question?where do you store your looms?hooks?and clips?are they just in there original rainbow loom boxes u know the one with a tray?and can u pls make a video on how to know if your rainbow loom is fake or original?tnx very much….

  23. SuperGirl says:

    I loooooove your videos and
    I need to know if the
    giveaways are international.
    BTW: I’m from USA but now I’m in Brazil
    BTW 2: My new home is in Brazil…:(

  24. Haniya says:

    I love your bands–especially the neutral and metallic ones. But I live in Pakistan, and they don’t have the authentic Rainbow Loom looms and bands, so I order them from Amazon. And I store my bands in old plastic containers.

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