How to Make an Oreo Track Bracelet

oreo bracelet

Our apologies for being MIA lately! We have been super busy and our looms have been lonely!:)

Now that we are back, we just had to share of our new fun faves: the Oreo Track Bracelet designed by TropicalLoomie on Instagram. The tutorial for this hook-only design is by LoominItUp.

Want to make one? Watch this:

How to Make an Ella Bracelet

Ella Rainbow Loom Bracelet

What do you think of the Ella bracelet by Claire’s Wears? We think it’s fabulous! One of the best things about this bracelet is that you can make it go all the way around your wrist without an extension using only one loom!

Want to make your own Ella bracelet? Watch this tutorial:


How to Make a Rattan Bracelet

rattan rainbow loom

It’s daylight savings today, which means we lost an hour of sleep – but the good news is that spring is that much closer!!!! What better to celebrate than will a brand new Rainbow Loom Bracelet in cheery colours?

The Rattan Bracelet by Cheryl Mayberry is such a beautiful design. We used our striped bands along with jelly green to make this bracelet. Want to make one? Watch this:

How to Make a Dry Erase Board with Duct Tape

dry erase board

We just getting into duct tape crafts, and we’re kind of overwhelmed (in a good way!) at the variety of duct craft projects that are out there.

duct tape dry erase

This Duct Tape Dry Erase Board is one of our first duct tape crafts. We love it! The tutorial is from Sophies’s World. Want to make one? Watch this:

How to Make a Ric Rac

ric rac rainbow loom

The Ric Rac Bracelet by Claire’s Wears is a unique design that isn’t really that difficult. In fact, if you can make a Fishtail, chances are you will have no trouble with this design.

Want to make one?