How to Make a Ric Rac

ric rac rainbow loom

The Ric Rac Bracelet by Claire’s Wears is a unique design that isn’t really that difficult. In fact, if you can make a Fishtail, chances are you will have no trouble with this design.

Want to make one?


10 thoughts on “How to Make a Ric Rac

  1. hailey the loomer says:

    OMG love it. i used to have that white but this time i used glow purple, purple, and shimmer purple for the fishtail and a type of blue. AMAZING

  2. glimmer says:

    Hay!! Love the bracelet! And… onions? Crazy! But yea… it kind of does look like onions! Lol!!!!!!!

  3. Hermione Granger says:

    Nice!! Its really pretty, the only problem is that it is hard to get the fishtail very even.

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