How to Make a Dry Erase Board with Duct Tape

dry erase board

We just getting into duct tape crafts, and we’re kind of overwhelmed (in a good way!) at the variety of duct craft projects that are out there.

duct tape dry erase

This Duct Tape Dry Erase Board is one of our first duct tape crafts. We love it! The tutorial is from Sophies’s World. Want to make one? Watch this:


19 thoughts on “How to Make a Dry Erase Board with Duct Tape

  1. Ginny Weasley says:

    Wow! I need to make that for when I go to Brookfield – don’t forget to buy a bacon sandwich for lunch today.
    My YouTube is *Looming_Angel*, please check me out!
    BTW Loomlove, you were the second channel I subscribed to, but the last video is the melted glitter crayons from last year! Are you going to add on some more videos?

  2. maisha says:

    love it now all i need is duct tape and hollidays and you should make smiggle snake puzzle tutorials

  3. Rikki says:

    I don”t have any duct tape 🙁 but when I get it i’ll totally make it! keep…uuuuuuuhhhhh what ever you call it

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